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65 years of experience in the food sector turned into Eman Agro ...

Eman Agro

One of the oldest of the food industry in Turkey with 65 years of history, established by our company owners in 2017, EMAN AGRO, produce fruit flavored instant powder drink in modern,hygenic and quality standart facilities at Gaziantep Free Zone.

EMAN AGRO, which develops about 15 kinds of flavors with VALORE DRINK, FRIO CUPS and ROYA-C brands, is active for export. It currently exports to many countries of the world, especially in African and Middle East Countries with its high production capacity in its facilities with a production area of 2,000 square meters. Every day, it continues to expand its worldwide market.

EMAN AGRO, which always keeps the hygiene and health in the first place with its philosophy for people, increases its product quality and range day by day with its sustainable R&D studies.

Anytime soon, we will continue to serve our valued customers with different products by expanding our product portfolio.Developing products that can be consumed peacefully by all members of the family from small to large is a prerequisite for EMAN AGRO.

Eman Agro


Many of our brands with quality proven in the international sector and our products belonging to these brands are our source of pride.